Fertility, IVF and Mercier Therapy

Fertility, IVF and Mercier Therapy

Episode 5 – Ask Anything


  • Fertility / Infertility
  • IVF and side effects
  • Mercier Therapy

In this episode, you will learn:

What are the challenges of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment? (1:25)

What is Mercier Therapy and how this natural therapy can help your fertility journey (3:04)

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IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization)

  • There are numerous side effects from the drugs, but one that seems to be grossly underestimated is mood swings.
  • Prepare yourself prior to treatment as it challenges your mental and emotional health and relationships.
  • Some states require counseling prior to starting IVF treatment. If your state doesn’t require, you should consider counseling regardless to help prepare yourself mentally and setup an ongoing support plan.
  • 71% of medically assisted fertility treatments fail CDC 2012. (This stat includes a combination of other treatments in addition to IVF).
  • The treatments are expensive. The price can vary, but average cost is $12,000 USD per cycle.

Mercier Therapy

  • Natural therapy that involves gynovisceral manipulation / external massage to help increase bloodflow and circulation to the pelvis and reproductive organs.
  • Addresses fertility issues that can be due to possible malposition of the uterus, which can lead to obstruction of bloodflow, circulation issues, hormone and cycling challenges.
  • Massage therapy is done externally on the abdomen and lower back. It is non-invasive and helps your body heal itself.
  • Can be done on its own or as a complementary therapy to IVF, IUI or other medical fertility assistance treatment.
  • Practitioner providing Mercier Therapy programs is a fertility coach / trainer, and offers ongoing physical, emotional and psychological support. Education and nutrition supplementation guidance is provided.
  • 83% success rate within 1st year of starting program.
  • Documentary on Amazon Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy.
  • Find a practitioner near you.

Thank you Jeremy with AJ Bodywork for introducing me to this therapy. If you’re located in Northern Utah and experiencing fertility or pelvic pain or C-section recovery issues, get in touch with him.


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