How to Stay Young

How to Stay Young

Episode 11 – Ask Anything


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In this episode, you will learn:

Question: How do I stay young? (0:39)

The two important factors to staying young (0:45)

Keeping a youthful appearance (3:00)

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What you put in your body affects your health. Eating inflammatory foods will cause you to age faster. If you’re not sure what causes inflammation in your body, try the Whole30 program.

Stay active – move your body! Find a physical activity you enjoy and do it often – even if it’s just going for walks. Also, I recommend getting a standing desk if you have an office job.

Learn how to check your beauty and self care products for toxins (and avoid using them)

Face Yoga Method

Wear non-toxic sunscreen and hats when spending time outdoors

BONUS: wear earplugs at concerts or when exposed to any noise louder than 110 decibels


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