How to Ask Angels for Help

How to Ask Angels for Help

Episode 8 – Ask Anything


  • How to communicate with angels

In this episode, you will learn:

Question: How do you ask angels for help? (0:46)

My story on healing, how it relates to spirituality and communicating with the angelic realms. (1:52)

Why raising your vibration makes it easier to communicate with angels. (5:56)

The roles asking for help, praying and paying attention to signs play in angel communication. (6:38)

Why the way you’re praying may be holding you back from a deeper connection with God and angels (or whatever higher source you believe in). (7:27)

Links for more information:

Note – a follow up question I received was, “Do you ask angels for help out loud or in your head?” You can do either, but I usually stick to silent communication in my head.

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I also really like this book – The Angels Within Us. It’s deep, but really insightful and helpful in learning to communicate with angels.


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