Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Episode 34 – Ask Anything


  • Setting new year’s resolutions you can keep

In this episode, you will learn:

Question: How do you keep new year’s resolutions? (0:16)

The best goal-setting strategy that will help you achieve new year’s resolutions and any goal. (1:30)

Why approximately 80% of resolutions fail by February (and how to not be that person). (4:06)

Links for more information:

Two important podcasts that will set you up for success (also available on Apple Podcasts):

Learn more about Chalene Johnson

PUSH goal journal – really helpful, but not necessary to follow the PUSH goal system

Other tips for reflecting on past achievements and setting goals you can accomplish


What goals or resolutions do you have set for this year? We’d love to hear – please comment below.


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