Discovering Your User Manual & GPS with Jami, Astrology and Human Design

Discovering Your User Manual & GPS with Jami, Astrology and Human Design

Meet Jami. She’s an eternal seeker and lover of new experiences and new information. Jami is also an Astrologer and Human Design reader.

What led you to Astrology and Human Design?

I came to a point in my life when I felt unfulfilled by how I was showing up in the world. I realized I was listening to my intuition and gut but wasn’t following the advice. So, I decided to leave my corporate sales career of 12 years and take a break, to rest and to find what was calling to me. Astrology & Human Design divinely was led into my life only 2 days after I made the decision to leave and trust that whatever was calling me would find me. Amazingly, it was just waiting for me to make the move, and incredibly, that is exactly what Human Design teaches us.

My first Astrology reading changed my life. I had no idea what Astrology really was or what it would provide to me, but I trusted that it was put in my path for a reason so I scheduled a session. In that 1 hour session, I had never felt more seen or understood by anyone in my life. It was a very powerful moment for me. It opened this toolbox that I don’t think most people know is available to them, I had no idea it existed until that moment. I realized that this and Human Design were powerful tools for radical self-love and acceptance and I wanted to be someone that could help share them with others. Human Design and Astrology changed my life and helped me create a flow in my life that has healed so many wounds I carried with me. It was an incredibly spiritual experience.

What has been the biggest challenge or obstacle you’ve faced in your life, and how did you overcome it?

I have lost a lot of people in my life and that has been extremely difficult. I do feel like the biggest challenge though that I have faced is how different I felt from others in my family, religion I was raised in and mainstream. I always felt like a misfit. I had been on an internal spiritual journey to find out what my purpose was for the last 10 years. I have tried every single thing under the sun to find connection, growth, and healing. Reiki, meditation, plant medicine, tarot, mediums, working with shamans in Peru, healers of all kinds, and they all helped me on my way to prepare for the shift I took to become more aligned with my purpose. Looking back, every single healer I worked with prepared me to shift and to follow my purpose. Such a beautiful thing to look back on for me. It was a very difficult road for me but I understand why I needed to go through everything I experienced. It was all in preparation for things to come.

What advice do you have to give?

Each and every person is created intentionally in such a beautiful, intricate way and that we have been gifted with blueprints and plans to help us along our way. Nothing about you is an accident, nor is there anything wrong with you. We can live in our wisest space or in our darkest shadow, but understanding that there is always light available when there is shadow present helps us understand how to work with the astrological influences that personally affect us. I can help you with that guidance and interpret your personal natal chart in plain English. Human Design is the user manual, Astrology is the GPS and using both of these tools will help you discover a better and easier way to align yourself with your flow and your purpose.

What are three things people can do to achieve a better state of wellness?

  • Slow down
  • Understand that your intuition is #1 over mainstream rules & expectations
  • Use your gifts – you have so many gifts that you brought with you to help you on your path and it’s all very intentional


You can find out more about Jami and book a session with her HERE. She’s currently working on an online video series for Human Design so that those who are interested but not ready to schedule a session can download and learn about their own individual design (or that of their partners, siblings, children or friends). She’s also working on a coaching program that I will be ready to launch towards fall of 2021 that will incorporate Astrology, Human Design, NLP, and Hypnotherapy.

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