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Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst

In-Person in Southern Maine or Greater Boston and Distance Sessions by Phone/Skype

It’s time to look beyond what meets the eye, the MRI, and “why can’t I”. Are you feeling stuck? Is physical pain or disease controlling you? Do you feel there’s a happier, healthier you just beyond your reach? Release what no longer serves you!

We are more than our bodies and our minds, yet these two aspects of Self are the primary focus of traditional healthcare. I am gifted in cooperating with and positively affecting mind-body-spirit-emotions at the quantum level and resetting things to Zero Point peace and stillness. Many times physical pain is the result of emotions stuffed into that area of the body, even held from childhood. Dis-ease within the mind and soul create a rich environment for physical disease to take root.

When we are able to identify & release residual trauma, self-limiting beLIEfs, looping negative programming, and energy blocks, the body and mind (wonderful Body Intelligence) seek equilibrium. My natural abilities help others jump to greater levels of joy and wellness. I excel at childhood healing, releasing physical trauma and/or blocks to healing, behavioral repatterning, empowerment, clarity on life challenges and purpose.

Each client’s karmic path, cellular memories, genetics, emotional backpack, and stories are unique and so is my session work. I merge with All That Is/Source/God and know/provide what you need and/or release what is burdensome.

Please visit my site for additional information on private and group healing offerings, read my life-hack blog. Should you have questions not covered in my FAQ, call. You can book online 24/7. I welcome you to experience Love and Light …


ABOUT ME ~ I am a natural healer. I have been an energy medicine practitioner since early 2013, operating primarily in southern Maine (Wells) and via phone/skype to distance healing clients. In 2018, I joined an existing healing center in Topsfield, MA, and offer in-person private and group session work there on Tuesdays. As of writing this listing, I also offer some drop-in spiritual counseling and guidance in early afternoons there. Advance appointments are a must in Wells and preferred in Topsfield.

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54 Main Street, Topsfield, MA


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