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Kula Yoga Therapy

Meet Julie

As a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists, I take great pride in the services I am able to offer each one of my clients. Because I have extensive training in teaching yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, and the philosophy of yoga, I believe that I have much more to offer than just an exercise regimen – rather a holistic approach for the body, mind, and spirit. If you are seeking holistic living in West Hartford, read on to learn more about how yoga therapy can be incorporated into that lifestyle.

I have my certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP) as well as my certificate in Life Coaching through the Wholebeing Institute. I am also currently taking a psychology training that has at its core Gestalt and Bioenergetics therapies at the Hartford Family Institute. Through my extensive training, knowledge, and experience, I decided to shift my approach to yoga and how I offer it.

I have created a soothing environment where I can apply unique techniques like EFT Tapping, cupping, and Reiki in Yoga Therapy Sessions. At Kula Yoga Therapy, I offer individual Yoga Therapy sessions, weekly yoga classes, workshops, Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and a Campus Program for Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy training. If you have been seeking natural remedies for anxiety, solutions for chronic pain, or treatment for other conditions negatively affecting your life, come see how yoga therapy can help.

Through the teaching of Yoga and Practice as a Yoga Therapist, I am living my passion and purpose in life. I have seen first-hand the power of how Yoga and Yoga Therapy can help, and love to show others what it can do for them. Through Yoga Therapy, I have learned what it takes to be comfortable in my own skin, how to be present, courageous, yet vulnerable while enjoying everything life has to offer. Yoga Therapy has also helped me overcome a lot of life’s obstacles like chronic illness, anxiety, depression, physical pain, and addiction while helping me to feel empowered in my daily life. I strongly believe in Yoga Therapy and the possibilities that it offers. I have seen its benefits not only in myself, but in many clients as I have assisted them to find freedom from physical and emotional pain, balance in life, calm and presence through the ups and downs of life. I have a profound sense of gratitude towards all my teachers and those who continually support my own personal growth and goals. I look forward to sharing the benefits of Yoga Therapy in West Hartford with you.

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