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Japa Mala Beads

About Japa Mala Beads

Japa Mala Beads has been making and importing mala beads since 2004. Mala beads are similar to a rosary but are used to count sacred mantras during yogic meditation techniques. A mala contains 108 prayer beads plus a larger meru or guru bead to mark the begining and end of the mala.

Japa Mala Beads unique malas are “designed by an artist and strung by a yogi.” Most of their beautiful mala beads are handmade in the USA, and their other meditation beads are imported from India and Nepal. All of their gemstone and wood beads are 100% genuine and they only purchase the best quality and most natural beads available. Their malas are based on traditional yoga, Buddhist, and Tibetian prayer bead designs and have proper tassels, a guru (teacher) or meru (mountain) bead, and 108 (or a division of) counting beads. Japa Mala Beads stand behind their products and have one of the best breakage guarantees in the business–108 days!

Types of Malas

Japa Mala Beads offers both 27 bead bracelet malas and 108 bead necklace malas. Their malas have been designed specifically for mantra meditation and their beads are purified and blessed before shipping. With over 160 mala bead designs on their website, you are certain to find a potent mala to empower your yoga and meditation practice.

Other Meditation Products for Sale

Japa Mala Beads also sells beauful handcrafted mala bags and carved wood and stone boxes to store and protect your mala beads.

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