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Rev. Cheryl J. Johnson

M.Msc., C.Ht.

I am a Metaphysical Minister and teacher holding a Masters degree in Metaphysics and I am a certified hypnotherapist. I use spiritual counseling, channeling, dream interpretation, hypnotherapy (aka current- and past-life age regression therapy), and hypnotic suggestion programming to help my clients understand their present and change their future.

I have been a practicing hypnotherapist and psychic channel for more than 20 years. My clientele comes from all walks of life, including professional entertainers, CEOs of large companies, small business owners, college students, full-time home makers, lawyers, mental health care professionals, accountants, secretaries, waitresses, psychics and more. Clients come from all over the globe including France, Spain, Germany, Norway and Ireland.

My services and teaching are based on the fact that we are all part of a Divine Source. This Divine Source is a Higher Power that goes by many names: God, Universal Intelligence, Creative Principle, First Cause, and more. We all have the right to access and to use this Higher Power to help us with anything at any time. We can and should use the Divine Source to heal every circumstance in our lives—mental, emotional, and physical—including finances, relationships, work, and health. I act as a mouthpiece. I am here to help you access this All-Knowing, All-Loving Intelligence.

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