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Skin Divine

I’m Diana and have been practicing esthetics since May of 2005.  I received my Masters in Esthetics and graduated with Honors from the Skin Science Institute in Salt Lake City and have further certifications and continuing education through GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science, a local company based in Spanish Fork, Utah.  My focus in skin care has been almost exclusively with the DermaSound Elite machine by Glymed because it can safely and effectively treat any skin type and the outstanding results that come from regular facials and Glymed homecare have brought me many loyal customers and ultimately, many dear friends.

The Energetic Attunement or Energy work that I do balances the Energy fields around the body and the chakras around and within the body. The intuitive impulses that guide me in the work came to me spontaneously sometime in 2008. Though at first this work seemed quite remarkable, modern physics actually explains some of what may be happening.  When Albert Einstein realized the connection between matter and energy, the old model of Newtonian medicine which sees the body as a machine with independent parts and functions, began to be seen as an incomplete model for treating illness and imbalance.  Quantum physics has shown us that everything is vibrating at a different rate, those objects with more density, like a desk or table, are vibrating at a slower rate than lighter substances such as air or water which vibrate more quickly and are more subtle. Krillian photography has been able to validate what ancient mystics have long known about the existence of energy fields around the body, the holographic principle that we are living within a universal hologram and that each of us is a duplicate of the whole–scientific evidence of “as above, so below”.  Furthermore, the ancient yogic texts of Indian yogis link the subtle energy bodies around the physical, to the existence of energy vortexes within and without the body, called chakras.  Again, science is beginning to study and validate the existence of the chakras which act as points of transmission of higher energies into the physical.  I think of the body as hardware, the computer, and the chakras as the software of the Soul, linking the higher Soul Self, with the lower ego self.  The work I do brings these subtle energy bodies into higher vibration and balance bringing a sense of well being and equilibrium to the recipient.

It is my daily mantra to be in service to The Divine, to be a divining rod for Truth, transformation and healing of the highest order.  I look forward to the ongoing training and teachings that lead me to higher vibrations of Light, Love, and devotion to the physical and spiritual beauty and Divinity within all of us.

I offer these gifts to you and hope to meet you soon.

In Love and Light,


A friend on the Path

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Holladay, UT 84117


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