Love Like a Dog: A Lesson in Unconditional Love

Love Like a Dog: A Lesson in Unconditional Love

Some of our greatest teachers don’t have to be human. One of my best teachers in love was a furry, black lab named Duke that lived to be 17 years old. He was my husband’s dog, but quickly became “my dog” as soon as he met me. I didn’t think I’d ever love another animal after I lost my previous pet, but Duke challenged that belief and stole my heart.

It wasn’t until recently that I came to fully understand what Duke taught me. After a long meditation one evening, my husband asked what I had learned in my meditation. “I learned about unconditional love,” I replied. He asked, “Oh, like Duke?” This made me ponder for a few moments, when I realized yes – just like Duke. But not in the sense of how we love our dogs or pets. We love them, but as humans we still have a tendency to get angry when the animal doesn’t obey, or if it poops in the house – love with conditions.

On the other hand, how dogs love us, that’s totally different and is the difference of conditional versus unconditional love. They don’t hold grudges and are completely forgiving. Dogs are always happy when we come home, don’t mind if we’ve ignored them or locked them up for long periods of time. They don’t care if we yell at them or discipline them if they don’t obey. They love us no matter what – unconditionally.

So to answer my husband’s question, what I have learned over time, through a lot of meditation, is that humans are capable of unconditional love. It requires releasing judgment, surrendering outcomes and forgiving. It is no easy feat, but it is possible. I personally have spent a lot of time in mediation and prayer with the Angel of Unconditional Love and Freedom, as described in the The Angels Within Us book. This angel is associated with the number 0, and is a great divine teacher and representative to the way God loves us – unconditionally. In tarot, this angel is also known as The Fool, as it does seem a bit foolish in our egoic minds for someone (or something) to love us no matter what, right? It’s not as it seems, but is a pure example of the divine and the unlimited, unconditional love that is available to each of us, within each of us.

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