‘The Goop Lab’ Review | My Natural Healer

‘The Goop Lab’ Review | My Natural Healer

All I knew about The Goop Lab was the stories most of us have heard – dirty jokes about jade eggs and very expensive exotic treatments with questionable results. There is one thing I can do to educate myself, I thought, as we mulled the articles (bottom of this blog) over – and so I logged into Netflix and started to watch.

Right from the beginning, you can see that this is not a doctor’s office. This is not someone telling you what to believe, this is not extremist in theory. Goop (and Gwenyth Paltrow) seem to be intent on being inquisitive. This is, despite articles and journalists urging us to think otherwise, entirely reasonable. In our time, new things are being discovered, old things being remembered, that can help or help certain people with certain ailments or issues. Educating about unique and different healing modalities, and helping people with information so they can decide for themselves. My Natural Healer emphatically shares this goal. 

So while sure, I wasn’t planning to view strangers’ vaginas at noon on a Wednesday, I had heard of Wim Hof and for the most part, some of the options set forth were reasonable. I felt like I learned something, looked forward to each new episode and would watch more. 

What drew me into My Natural Healer on my own journey was different than Laura’s, and will be different than yours. Maybe not all modalities suit your beliefs, identity, or framework of well-being at this moment. What I have become open to, very recently, is the mindset that trying to heal is more important than turning up your nose at possible solutions. Healing can come in these many varied ways, and it is our duty to explore and learn. I for one, think this is promoting wellness and giving people a chance to explore before they have to open their pocketbooks or make uninformed decisions. We can get on board with that.

After reading through a few reviews of The Goop Lap, I reached out to Laura Como (founder of My Natural Healer) to get her perspective, “I like the last few paragraphs of NY Times’s summary. I think trying to keep people in a fear-based mentality about exploring health and wellness alternative therapies is wrong. Yeah, it may not work for everyone, but it works for a lot of people. And just because a therapy isn’t backed by millions of pharmaceutical dollars in “studies,” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. People need to decide for themselves and be the CEO of their life, which is the most important takeaway from this. My Natural Healer and organizations/projects like The Goop Lab are trying to empower people with information so they can try and decide for themselves if they choose.” 

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