Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods

Episode 19 – Ask Anything


  • Cancer fighting foods

In this episode, you will learn:

Question: What are some foods or natural ways to “cure” cancer cells in the body? (0:39)

Who can legally claim to “cure, prevent or treat” in the United States. (0:46)

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s perspective on cancer fighting foods, including an acronym to help you remember – GBOMBS. (2:13)

How Kris Carr healed herself from a rare, un-treatable cancer by eating cancer-fighting foods. (4:43)

Links for more information:

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books

More information on Dr. Fuhrman’s G-BOMBS which include some of the best anti-cancer, health-promoting foods

Kris Carr’s books


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