Tips to Get Through Busy Season

Tips to Get Through Busy Season

Episode 23 – Ask Anything


  • Tips to get through busy season

In this episode, you will learn:

Question: Please share tips to get be through a busy season in my life, as I’m experiencing more stress now than ever. (0:48)

1 – Establish priorities and expectations (2:27)

2 – Ask for help (3:19)

3 – Stay present (4:12)

4 – Prioritize your health (5:19)

5 – Remember to have fun! (6:03)

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Bach Flower Remedies (check out Mimulus, Aspen, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Elm, White Chestnut, which are all good for anxiety). My favorite is elm, which is best for anxiety due to overwhelm.


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