Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments, draw negative energy from the body and protect against disease.

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I’m Diana and have been practicing esthetics since May of 2005.  I received my Masters in Esthetics and graduated with Honors from the Skin Science Institute in Salt Lake City and have further certifications and continuing education through GlyMed…

Millennial Wellness Center offers BodyTalk, massage therapy and Foot Zoning services in Logan, UT.

In-Person in Southern Maine or Greater Boston and Distance Sessions by Phone/Skype

It’s time to look beyond what meets the eye, the MRI, and “why can’t I”. Are you feeling stuck? Is physical pain or disease controlling you? Do you feel there’s a happier, healthier you just beyond your reach? Release…

Vishwas Healing Centre is dedicated to spread the holistic alternative therapies specially, energy medicines all over the world in order to ensure that it is available to everyone who wants to learn, and open a whole new universe of (spiritual)…