An officiant or leading representative of religious and/or spiritual organizations. May be a member of the clergy for a certain church or religious organization, who is authorized to perform functions such as teaching belief systems and leading services such as weddings, baptisms or funerals.

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STAGES OF WELLNESS BEHAVIOR There are a few steps to Wellness Behavior.  They are mentioned shortly below and will be described in more detailed later on in paragraphs. Subjective Perception of Vitality and feeling well Objectively described as …

Using proven method of relaxation we easily access our True Self, The Subconscious, Soul, Higher Self or whatever you wish to call it. This part of us knows everything about us, past present and future. It can pinpoint the root cause of any illness,…

In-Person in Southern Maine or Greater Boston and Distance Sessions by Phone/Skype

It’s time to look beyond what meets the eye, the MRI, and “why can’t I”. Are you feeling stuck? Is physical pain or disease controlling you? Do you feel there’s a happier, healthier you just beyond your reach? Release…